The production time calculator is developed on the basis of the practical experience of technology-normators and industrial engineers.

The Production Time Calculator is designed for production organizations of all types (custom, small-scale and serial production).

The application database is very extensive and contains hundreds of basic standards for technologies in metalworking, furniture industry, plastics processing and other areas of the manufacturing industry.

The Production Time Calculator finds use in all technological preparation departments, both in the bidding phase and in the production preparation phase.


  • Data import from the ERP system (BOMs, procedures, operation dials, workplaces, etc.)
  • Systematic and varied creation of time standards for individual operations and products
  • Setting norms according to the company’s conditions and requirements
  • Variant creation of TPVs (BOMs, procedures, copying procedures)
  • Bulk modifications of normative regulations
  • Easy management of the normative base
  • Fine and coarse normatives according to the company’s conditions
  • Access and Display Configurator
  • Unit transfers
  • Data export to “.xls”, “xml” and ERP
  • Text and graphical outputs