Bar codes

We provide barcode solutions from Gatema a.s. partner and our own solutions.

Gatema WMS

Warehouse Management System Gatema WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a comprehensive online solution for automating warehouse records in a variety of business disciplines. Scope of use ranges from small warehouses or operations with one mobile terminal to large logistics centers with many dozens of currently operating devices.

As part of a comprehensive solution, we provide process analysis and design including the delivery of all the necessary equipment such as mobile terminals, barcode printers, wifi networks and more.

Gatema MES

Gatema offers its customers comprehensive Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). It forms a direct link between the HELIOS business information system and the individual technological equipment in production.

The MES system includes modules for technical preparation, control and advanced production planning, which can not be done without timely delivery of production operations, which is supported by direct collection of technological information from individual machines.

Own solution

As part of our own solution, we offer our own disposal

  • Automated processing of production orders
  • Leading FRDP chips
  • Weight for calculating exported pieces