Custom software

Creating custom software is the longest service provided by our company. Thanks to many years of experience, we offer a solution exactly according to the customer’s requirements. The implementation of the software solution includes the initial analysis of the problem, the determination of the price calculation and the timetable.

Case Study

For Rina Europe Ltd. we created a software application for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) planning and monitoring.

Functionality of the system:

  • planning of regular inspections of machines and equipment,
  • repair and maintenance records of machines and equipment,
  • work records required for machine maintenance – determination of the time spent by a company employee in maintenance,
  • depreciation of issued spare parts from the warehouse,
  • maintenance cost records for machines,
  • making reports.

Benefits for Rina Europe Ltd.:

  • reducing the failure of machines and equipment
  • reducing time to adjust and set up machines and equipment,
  • downtime downtime,
  • reduction of waste,
  • reducing machine repair costs,
  • spare parts management – reduction of storage costs, Just-In-Time control,
  • creating standards, guidelines, crisis plans,
  • improving order in workplaces,
  • increasing the professional competence of the relevant staff.