Outsourcing IT/IS

We offer different kinds of outsourcing:

  • Complete IT Outsourcing – Take over all the running and running of your IT department, including staff,
  • Outsourcing the selected process – we will perform a process that is costly or problematic for you,
  • Application outsourcing – ensure the running and running of an application or information system,
  • Technological outsourcing – We provide a “technological base” for your IT department to run – for example, supplying and managing servers or personal PCs and peripherals,
  • Personnel Outsourcing – We will provide you with a fixed amount of time for our employee to help you meet your IT / IS requirements.

The advantage of outsourcing is:

  • cost savings,
  • transfer of responsibility for a defined part of the IT department,
  • solving insufficient staffing capacity,
  • use of services only where necessary (reduction of overuse),
  • quality of service,
  • professional guaranteed services,
  • the benefits of innovation and improvement.