Warehouse management

We have developed specialized superstructures for fast moving and tracing material for Helios Orange. The problem of complex information is that we need to assign them to multiple locations in ERP systems with interconnection.

An example is in-store receipt, where you must walk through multiple forms for each item:

  • Receipt header (supplier, date, currency, exchange rate …)
  • Receipt items (material, goods …)
  • Production number – Establish a new serial number, assign a quantity according to serial numbers
  • Storage location – shelf, in case of multiple locations, write the list and quantity in each shelf
  • QMS – enter the data on the qualitative delivery conditions
  • Link everything to the order

The custom / user form performs all operations in one place and does not allow you to choose another method / procedure to fill. This reduces the difficulty of the operator and increases the quality of the entered data.

Inventory receivable

  • Fast Warehouse Form
  • Automatic batch generation
  • Printing barcode labels for each package
  • Integrated QMS – Input quality control
  • Two-level income approval

Returns from production

  • Recovering surpluses from production issue on production order
  • Issue on production order
  • Automatic assignment to the production order and workplace
  • Individual forms (weighing, sifting, mixing, line, coiffure etc.)
  • Combination of operation reporting, material consumption and control points and quality
  • Quick inventory
  • Create a new inventory for a specific warehouse / location, workplace
  • Fast swaps for alternatives
  • History of inventory history
  • Ability to generate inventory into production / inventory-limited inventory (automatic tagging only changed items)